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Core Values

Discretion     Expertise     Precision

In service to our clients, these core values are never relinquished, deferred, or compromised.

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Discretion is of paramount importance be it informational, physical, or technological. FIRST, operating as proxy, provides your enterprise a digital face, all the while employing the appropriate measures - and countermeasures - to ensure your operational privacy and security remains in tact.



With decades of award-winning experience in the fields of open-source intelligence, data analysis, contract acquisitions and military operations, combined with backgrounds in incorporation services and social media content creation, FIRST ensures the best in innovative project execution throughout the virtual space.

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Your industry does not allow for mistakes without seismic repercussions. FIRST provides the attainment of precise goals be it an individual project or at scale. Complete with emergency protocols and contingency site locations, continuity of operations further ensures project precision across functional environments.

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